Success within a business and organization comes with extreme patience, consistent practice, and knowledge. Although you may aspire to become your own boss and entrepreneur one day, you can’t do it alone. A mentor is an essential human resource to have in order to become successful in your life goals and aspirations. A mentor is someone who you can establish a relationship with in order to receive professional business advice. Mentorship relationships don’t happen overnight, as you will need to establish a relationship with someone you may look up to. Here is why you should establish a valuable relationship with a mentor in order to reach your goals of business success.



As an aspiring business owner, you already know that starting a business or becoming your own boss isn’t easy. You have to give up a lot of things and take high risks. Even within a business, your co-workers can discourage you of career success. Many people will question you and try to knock you down, which may push you harder. The feeling of isolation and seclusion may lead you down the wrong path. Having a mentor will ensure that this doesn’t happen. If you find someone who you have an established, trustworthy business relationship with, you then you will always have consistent support. A mentor is there to guide you down the right path, no matter where you are in your goals. A mentor will advise you based on their experiences and expertise. They will also encourage you to take risks which have a higher return value. Having a mentor allows you to know you always have someone to turn to in times of need or discouragement.


Skill Development

Having a mentor will allow you to constantly develop skills and knowledge. Mentors are typically older and have worked in an industry or profession for a long period of time. Mentors are able to influence your thoughts and ideas based on their knowledge and experience. They may share personal mistakes and regrets, but also things they learned through the experience. This allows you (as the mentee) to make fewer mistakes, becoming more productive. Mentors may also consult with you on ideas and goals, allowing you to make decisions and career choices. A mentor will also share their expertise. The relationship developed will allow for skill development in both sides of the relationship. Communication skills, talent skills, and business development skills, will allow both of you to apply these skills allowing for lifelong learning experiences.


Pass It On

Having an established relationship with a mentor, will allow you to grow in your career, as well as an individual. You will develop life skills and expertise that you will be able to pass down to a mentee of your own some day. The future of success revolves around knowledge and idea sharing. As a mentor, you will be able to look up to someone who teaches you about life/business skills and challenges, while being able to share your own mistakes, learning outcomes, and advice to someone else. This will allow to develop a constant cycle of positivity and life learning for the future.