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Ari MonkarshWho Is Ari Monkarsh?

Ari Monkarsh is, in the purest sense of the word, a businessman.

A well-seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record of success, Ari embodies what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

By definition, an entrepreneur is “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” While this definition covers the idea, expanding the definition gives a broader and more inclusive look into where Ari Monkarsh thrives. Professor Emeritus Howard Stevenson of Harvard University claims “entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.”  Mark Cuban offers a similar viewpoint, calling an entrepreneur “someone who can define the business they want to create, see where it is going, and do the work to get there.” To Ari, business is the ultimate competitive sport and the entrepreneurial spirit is the best preparation for success on that field.

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong leadership background and a unique and passionate approach to business, Ari has found enormous success wherever he has been.

A Diverse Background

Ari Monkarsh has a storied history of success and leadership. He is accomplished in both starting businesses and driving already-existing organizations towards unparalleled growth in personnel, leadership and revenue.

Monkarsh has held management positions and owned businesses in a wide array of industries throughout his career. Ari has a deep understanding and appreciation for the world of marketing, having served as the Vice President of a promotional advertising agency and on the Board of Directors at a national advertising agency. There, he worked with global and nationally recognized clients, such as Lowes.

Ari has an instinctive talent in the sales arena, having built many highly successful sales organizations for both enterprise and direct sales companies. A forward thinker, Ari is skilled in creating visions and infrastructures for the future of business. In sales, he treated his managerial roles as those of a leader, not a boss, as he preferred to motivate and lead by example, helping establish and grow businesses in every stage of development.

Having been involved in technology since the days of dial-up and most recently SaaS solutions, Ari has a passion for creating effective software solutions that can be monetized. From conception to development and finally sales/marketing Ari has a successful track record with bringing technology solutions to market.

A Thirst for Business

Ari’s motivation for success in business was instilled in him from a young age by his parents. When his grandfather arrived in America from Russia with nothing more than mouths to feed, he worked tirelessly to build a formidable real estate portfolio to support his family.

As a child growing up in Los Angeles, Ari learned the nuances of business, leadership and hard work from his parents, who worked as manufacturers sales representatives in the United States. Selling anything from plush toys to fishing tackle, Ari watched as the two worked day in and day out to provide for the family, knowing full well that the comforts of their lives were dependent on the hard work and success of that labor every day.

From that point forward, Ari Monkarsh knew his future was in the world of business and business development. His first “job” in his early teens came in the form of selling whatever he could get his hands on, including entertainment, when he performed magic tricks at a stop sign in the heart of Los Angeles in exchange for quarters. Throughout college Ari had his own businesses, including a floral delivery service and a catering company, making money to pay his own way through school and life.

Ari Emerges in Business

Ari’s business career truly took off when he was asked to join a small group tasked with turning around the revenue generation channels at Homestore Inc., where Ari was brought in to use the ideas, style and unique approach to business. In less than five years Ari and the other members of the team had deployed hundreds of salespeople in multiple verticals and successfully completed the turnaround.

After serving as Vice President of R3 Media for just over a year where he consulted on sales, marketing and online advertising, Ari Monkarsh took a leadership position at RealtyTrac, stepping into the role of Vice President of Sales and Business Development.  He helped make RealtyTrac, the premier destination for foreclosure data on the internet with strategic marketing partners such as Yahoo Real Estate, Microsoft, AOL Real Estate and Trulia.

After his success at RealtyTrac, Ari moved on to create his own opportunities with much success building a small business software company to revenues exceeding a million dollars a month. During this time, he also created a targeted online advertising agency and capitalized on multiple direct sales opportunities. Ari Monkarsh knows the business of startups well, and excels at finding and monetizing opportunities.

Monkarsh Today

Currently, Monkarsh is consulting for a few businesses helping with business development and strategic planning while looking for the next opportunity to jump into. He credits his successes in business and in life to a hard working attitude and relentless pursuit of improvement.

Ari is a family man through and through, he has been married to his soulmate for almost two decades and has been blessed with three beautiful children who are the motivation behind his powerful drive.  In addition to his business ventures, Ari is a very generous and giving person. During big holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, Ari annually provides catered holiday meals and holiday gifts to children and families in need. He hopes in the future to devote further time to running charities to provide the greatest return to those most in need and capitalize on opportunities to assist young emerging talent and entrepreneurs who simply need confidence, mentoring and a chance.

The Myth of Making It

How many times do you hear people talking about “making it?” The people at the top of the ladder, the executives and leaders with corner offices, they’ve all made it. And if you work hard and never give up, someday you might make it too. Here’s the secret that all those successful people know: there is no such thing as making it. There is no magical plateau where you can coast without pushing yourself any further. If you are lucky enough to reach this point, you did it by hard work and sweat and never letting up. You did it by hustling hard.

Why You Should Brand Yourself Before You Brand Your Business

When you meet people, what is one thing you remember about them? What do you expect them to remember about you? It’s important to create a personal brand for yourself before you start branding your business. You yourself are one of the strongest marketing strategies for your business. Even if most of your customers never meet you, your most important investors and partners certainly will, so it pays to make sure they are meeting with a personality that is cohesive with your overall brand and message.

The Art of Self Evaluation

The better you are at what you do, the less you are asked to prove your worth or face formal evaluation. In many ways, that’s only logical; The greater your competence, the less need there is for a company to spend valuable time and resources overseeing you. If you are the founder or leader of an organization, you may never face any pressure to do an in depth analysis of your own performance — at least not external pressure. But while in some ways not having to answer to another person is a benefit and a right that we earn through success and high quality work, it is also it’s own challenge and danger.

Recognizing Your Own Potential

Perhaps you had a teacher when you were young who saw something in you and nurtured it. Maybe it was your business mentor, or the manager at your first job — we all owe a lot to the people who believed in us along the way. At some point, however, we have to learn to take on that challenging, supportive ourselves, for ourselves. While you should never stop looking up to the people who inspire you, the most successful people know that they must take their development and improvement into their own hands and learn how to maximize their own potential.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

It might come with a bit of heartbreak, but the fact of the matter is that you’re not going to win in every aspect of business or in life. You’re not going to get every job you interview for. You’re not going to come out on top of every business negotiation that you enter. You won’t win every company award, you won’t be given an Employee of the Month plaque every month. Sometimes, no matter your best efforts, you’re going to lose. It’s all a part of playing the game.

The Strategy of Business as a Game

In the past, I’ve written an all-encompassing piece on my idea of treating business as a game. Now, in step-by-step increments, I’m going to break down the process and put on display how you and anyone else can reap the same rewards that I have in my business life. And these rewards aren’t necessarily limited to your success within a business or the successes that your business may experience, tackling business as if it were a game extends far beyond just increases in sales numbers or revenue–it allows for you to enjoy what you’re doing and brings fun into the business world.

Playing with the End in Mind

When you start a game of chess, your goal isn’t to finish a game of chess, your goal is to win a game of chess. When you start a game of Risk, or a game of football or a game of anything else, your goal should always be to win. So when you approach your work–the thing that you’re putting blood sweat and tears into for (at least) 40 hours a week, your goal shouldn’t be to reach Friday afternoon, reach the summer or reach retirement. Your goal in the game of business should be to win–and you shouldn’t enjoy losing.